Board and Team Evaluations

Extract of a Testimonial following a recent Board Evaluation engagement
(Evaluation of Board, Board Members and Chair).

‘During the process it was evident, not only that they had a sound and proper understanding of governance, but they also made it their business to understand our business. This enabled them to correctly draw conclusions with regards the governance shortcomings we experienced and to make the most applicable and accurate recommendations with regards to areas of performance.”

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Why do we do Board Evaluations?

Why do we do Board Evaluations?

Many boards, governing bodies, leadership and management teams tolerate various levels of dysfunction that lead to a range of problems in organisations and companies. These dysfunctions impact everything – from the performance of the team to the relationships within the team to the perception of the team by others.

A board or team evaluation is a process of deep diagnosis that entails the re-examination of all the key team elements (from individual contribution to team mechanics to team performance). This then enables an accurate re-imagining of the team (composition, objectives, relationships and culture) and then an appropriate renewal or renovation of all aspects of the team to improve and move ahead.

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Who should participate?

The simple answer is every member of the board or team.

One could also include other parties that work closely with the team.

The design of the process would include an analysis of who to include, and why.

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Evaluation Ground Rules!

Improvement, NOT Judgement.

Confidentiality (Always)!

‘Holding up a mirror’.

Never to simply ‘tick a box’.

Detailed Principles and Ground Rules!
Evaluation Ground Rules!

What options are there for evaluation?

A board or team evaluation needs to be customised to meet the needs and requirements of the organisation or company of which the team is part. This customisation will consider the organisation itself, the role of the team within the organisation and the objectives of both the organisation and the team.

The board or team evaluation is structured to include selected customised components that are designed to work together to provide an accurate and appropriate ‘picture’ of the team. Selecting the components to use will depend on the maturity of the organisation/ company and the team, specific areas that need to be measured and assessed, along with any specific outcomes intended for the evaluation process.

The evaluation process will result in specific outputs designed to provide useful and useable feedback and information to enable proper planning for decisions and actions into the future.

Specific Evaluation Components to Include

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