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Any Board Evaluation needs to include robust evaluation of;

  1. The Individuals
  2. The Team
  3. The Organisation

To create an effective Board Evaluation Process requires the involvement and buy-in of all individuals on the team – and also the customisation of all elements to match the organisation and the team. This will require some up front time commitments to develop and test the system – as well as to educate all board members on the elements and design of the system.

Given that each organisation occupies its own unique space in the market any evaluation process would need to clearly identify;

  • Generic evaluation criteria applicable to all organisations, and;
  • Unique evaluation criteria applicable specifically to the organisation.

The purpose of any evaluation process and system also needs to be stressed as FIRSTLY aimed at identifying developmental areas for both the individuals and the current team and only SECONDLY changes to the composition of the team (if required). The process would aim to identify these developmental areas as well as identify gaps in the team.

An evaluation process can be custom designed and deployed at any level in the organisation.

The Board Evaluation Process (including components and customisation for specific needs) has been designed by Roger Hitchcock who has extensive experience in working with Boards and Leadership Teams across a range of different types of organisations and sectors. See more about Roger and his experience at