What does an evaluation consist of?

Firstly, a board or team evaluation needs to be customised to meet the needs and requirements of the organisation or company of which the team is part. This customisation will consider the organisation itself, the role of the team within the organisation and the objectives of both the organisation and the team.

Secondly, the board or team evaluation is structured to include selected customised components that are designed to work together to provide an accurate and appropriate ‘picture’ of the team. Selecting the components to use will depend on the maturity of the organisation/ company and the team, specific areas that need to be measured and assessed, along with any specific outcomes intended for the evaluation process.

Thirdly, the evaluation process will result in specific outputs designed to provide useful and useable feedback and information to enable proper planning for decisions and actions into the future.

Some of the specific components, that we call ‘diagnostics tools’, that can be included in the evaluation process are;

  • Company/Organisational Diagnostics
    • Overall Effectiveness
    • Culture
    • Strategy
    • Governance
    • Risk – Strategic
    • Risk – Operational
    • Risk – Continuity/Sustainability
  • Board or Team Diagnostics
    • Team Effectiveness
    • Composition
    • Behaviours
    • Processes
    • Analysis
    • Culture
    • Form
    • Positioning
    • Strategy
    • Relationships
  • Committee Diagnostics
    • As per Team Diagnostics
    • Specific focus on role or objectives of the team
  • Individual and Peer Diagnostics
    • Strengths
    • Contribution
    • Strategic
    • Ethics and Values
    • Knowledgeable
    • Diligent
    • Team Player
    • Personal Development
  • Chairman or Team Leader Diagnostics
    • As per Individual Diagnostics
    • Facilitation
    • Leadership