Who should participate in a board or team evaluation?

The simple answer is every member of the board or team.

In addition, one could also include other parties that work closely with the team. Foe example, in the case of the board it would be helpful to include the company secretary in the process, as well as possibly some members of the senior management team that are not on the board.

The design of the process would include an analysis of who to include, and why.

Comprehensive evaluations can entail reviewing the performance of a wide range of individuals and groups – in this case the following three groups of participants would need to be considered

  • the board (or team) as a whole – including any committees or sub-groups into which the team is divided;
  • individual directors (including those in roles such as chairman or committee chair) and also
  • key governance personnel and governance support functions (company secretary, possibly internal audit and the like)