Why do we do board and team evaluations?

Why do we believe Board Evaluation is important/critical/essential?

Before any form of treatment can be prescribed, an effective diagnosis is necessary.

Many boards / governing bodies / leadership teams / management teams tolerate various levels of dysfunction that lead to a range of problems in organisations and businesses / companies. These could impact everything from the performance of the team to the relationships within the team to the perception of the team by others.

Even healthy teams can improve – there is no ‘end point’ in a team’s growth, potential and development simply because so many things are constantly changing and adapting – both internally and externally that growth and development are ongoing tasks as teams seek to maximise or optimise their potential.

A board or team evaluation is a process of deep diagnosis that entails the re-examination of all the key team elements (from individual contribution to team mechanics to team performance). This then enables an accurate re-imagining of the team (composition, objectives, relationships and culture) and then an appropriate renewal or renovation of all aspects of the team to improve and move ahead.